About brandFANS

Reason for brandFANS

Many business owners feel they can't afford to reach the audience they really want to reach, that of parents of the student athletes and other sports fans. Business owners miss the opportunity to reach the target audience because they feel like they can't afford this type of marketing. Sports Marketing is a huge part of branding and you can grow your business with sports marketing.

Have Your Own "Sports Agent"

Instead of spending your day and wasting your money on trying to figure out what the best avenues are, let your agent do the work for you. When other sales people contact you, let your agent decide if it is worth your investment to do so. Let me help you reach your target audience.

About Your Agent

Brian Pruett, has  B.S. degrees in both Communication and Sports Marketing as well as an  MBA in Business. Brian also has an extensive background in sports, sales/marketing, fundraising, and event planning. Brian has 24 years of sales experience and has seen what works and what doesn't work when it comes to business advertising. Brian has spent time as a sports writer, sports information director, and press steward for the 1996 Olympic games. He has done events for several different local charities and has connections with several retired professional athletes that can help draw crowds to events. These athletes are also available for speaking and endorsing small businesses.